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Would you like perfect presentations every time? Looking for a simple way to show information to visitors, customers, or passer-by?

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ZenoBot is a quick and effective way to create and present content. Perfect for today’s increasingly busy individuals!

ZenoBot serves as a digital assistant, trainers’/teachers’ assistant, or simply a helper (Provisional patent no. 2016900435 and International (PCT) Patent No. PCT/AU2017/050048)

Limitless applications:

Retail industry – shops can display their latest sale items, welcome shoppers, provide information, showcase new products, display product promotional information, etc.

Public spaces – theme parks, hotels, parking lots, workplaces, etc. Welcome guests and provide them with useful information (location, safety, times, etc.).


Airlines – welcome guests, provide check-in information, safety rules, prohibited items and much more in a variety of languages.

Hospitals – provide information to visitors regarding hospital rules, hygiene, visiting hours, etc.Teach a variety of topics such as school work and other educational aspects to patients of school going age.

Public transport – provide information about routes, fares, safety aspects, delays, etc.

Schools – quickly and painlessly create and present exciting lessons, in any language. Any situation, even special needs education.

Home schooling- assignments, presentations, and sharing of lessons created by teachers located far away. Student and parent collaborating and co learning.

Training Centres – create, share and present information in a professional way.


Professionals – create, present, and share information in a professional way in the local language of the audience. Presenter is freed up to focus closely on his/ her audience.


  • Pay only for what you require. Choose your language(s) and digital assistant(s).
  • The next step in presentation software.
  • The software is incredibly quick and easy to use. Like ridiculously easy! Even geriatrics can use it!
  • No complicated or lengthy training required.
  • Allows customers to create and manage all solutions in-house.
  • Edit and update content quickly on the fly.
  • Spend less of your time and energy transferring information from the screen to your audience. Be freed up to focus more closely on your audience.
  • Stop wasting money on expensive custom videos which are difficult and expensive to update.
  • Users can easily use and reuse their existing content (text, images, video, sound files, and YouTube) to create new and exciting presentations.
  • Have the assistant present information in more than 21 languages. Perfect for an increasingly multicultural society and for international business.
  • Get us to customise it for your workplace with your logos, etc.

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